Update Utility

The update utility fbcmd_update.php will keep your version of FBCMD up-to-date.

Once FBCMD is installed, the utility can be called with the command:
fbcmd udpate

Note: If you are installing FBCMD for the first time, visit the Installation page first.

If you are updating from version 1.00-beta2 or earlier, you should essentially remove all traces of FBCMD from your system, and perform a clean installation. This new update utility should prevent this type of wipe from happening in the future.  To avoid having to go through the AUTH procedure, you can backup your sessionkeys.txt file, but be aware that the default directory for storing that keyfile has changed to C:\users\USERNAME\fbcmd (Windows) and ~/.fbcmd/ (Mac/Linux).

Updating FBCMD

To update your installed version of FBCMD, simply run:
fbcmd update

FBCMD Branches

There are several different "branches" in FBCMD, corresponding to versions of the software.  The three primary branches are:

 master This is the default branch.  It will (should) be stable and will be updated periodically to fix bugs and add new features that have been tested.  If you are adverse to change, you should stay on the master branch.
 beta This branch will be reasonably stable, but subject to subtle changes that occur as a result of testing and experience.  All new features in the beta branch will be added to the Wiki.  If you are interested in new features you should probably move to beta.  Updates to beta will be announced to all fans.
 dev This branch will be updated frequently as new features and bug fixes are incorporated and tested.  The behaviour will be subject to change, and not all new features will be complete, but it shouldn't crash or break anything.  If you'd like to give feedback and help shape how FBCMD behaves, then you can try out dev.  Updates to dev will be announced via the Discussion Group.

To update your installed copy of FBCMD to a specific branch (beta for example) you can simply run:
fbcmd update beta
if you don't like how this version behaves, you can always run
fbcmd update master
to return to the master branch.

You can set your default branch with the update_branch preference in your prefs.php file.  For example, to make beta your default branch, run:
fbcmd savepref -update_branch=beta
fbcmd update