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CSV Output

If you wish to use FBCMD along with other scripts, or you would like to Excel or another application to look at your output, you can have FBCMD generate CSV (Comma-Separated Value) output.

To turn on CSV output, set the print_csv (-csv) preference to "1".

By default, FBCMD will enclose (bookend) a data entry with quotes(") if the entry contains a comma.  To make some scripting tasks easier, you can force all entries to be bookended with quotes by setting the csv_force_bookends (-csvf) to "1".

You can also customize the CSV format so that it's not really a CSV any more: you can customize the output with the following preferences:
  • csv_separator -- the default is a comma (,)
  • csv_bookend -- the default is a quote (")
  • csv_escaped_bookend -- if the bookend character appears within a data entry, it is replaced with an escaped bookend -- default is 2 quotes ("")