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*STREAM Preferences

The following describes the various preferences for the FSTREAM, FULLPOST and STREAM commands.

In addition the the preferences below, the following preferences also related to stream commands:

Stream Display

Posts in the stream can contain a lot of information.  The following preferences help control what is displayed:

 Preference Description
 stream_show_date (-sd)  Show the date of the post and comments.  The stream_dateformat (-sdf) determines how it is displayed.
 stream_show_postid (-sid) Show the facebook post id, which can be used with the post_id parameter.
 stream_show_appdata (-sapp)  Show the application-specific data posted by the application.
 stream_show_attachments (-satt) Show the details of the post attachment(s) (image links, etc.)
 stream_show_likes (-slikes) Show the count of the number of people who liked the post.
 stream_show_comments (-scom) Show the comments on the post. (ignored for FULLPOST which shows all comments)
 stream_new_from Can be set to either 'created_time' or 'updated_time'