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*PIC Preferences

The following describes how the various *PIC preferences are used:

Output Display:

Photos on facebook have two possible URLs: the SRC and the LINK:
  • The LINK is the URL to the Facebook page that shows the picture, the comments, etc.
    Set the pic_show_links (-plink) preference to "1" if you'd like to display links for each photo
  • The SRC is the link to the actual .jpg file on facebook's server.  This is affected by the current size of the photo (see below)
    Set the pic_show_src (-psrc) preference to "1" if you'd like to display the source for each photo.
    Note: the src is automatically shown for the PPICS command
The Creation Date for the photo (or album) can also be shown.  This is the date the photo was uploaded to Facebook.  Set the pic_show_date (-pd) to "1" if you'd like to display the date.  The pic_dateformat (-pdf) preference will determine how that date is displayed.

Saving Photos:

If you would like to save the photos to your local drive, specify a Save Directory to one of the *PIC commands.

If the pic_skip_exists (-pskip) preference is "1", then the photo is skipped if the destination filename already exists, otherwise the photo will be overwritten.  Note that the PPICS command does not use this preference, as the purpose is to get the latest profile picture.

The filename is determined by the apics_filename (-af)fpics_filename (-ff)opics_filename (-of) & ppics_filename (-pf) preferences.

The filename can have special keywords.  For example, the filename "[pid].jpg" will use the photo id for the filename.  The following keywords are allowed:

 Keyword Description Notes:
 [aid] The album id Not available in PPICS
 [oid] The user id of the photo owner Only in OPICS
 [oname] The name of the photo owner Only in OPICS
 [pid] The photo id Not available in PPICS
 [tid] The user id of the person in the photo Only in FPICS, PPICS
 [tname] The name of the person in the photo Only in FPICS, PPICS

The keywords can be used together and with directories "/" as well.
fbcmd OPICS ="Bob" C:\photos "-of=[oname]/[aid]-[pid].jpg"
will save photos as:
c:\photos\Bob Smith\1111111-222222.jpg
c:\photos\Bob Smith\1111111-333333.jpg
c:\photos\Bob Smith\2222222-444444.jpg
c:\photos\Bob Jones\5555555-666666.jpg

The *PIC commands will create new subdirectories if the auto_mkdir preference is "1".  In unix/Mac, the directory permissions of the new directories are determined by the mkdir_mode preference.

The size of the photo downloaded is determined by the pic_size (-psize) preference.  Note: The PPICS command has a separate preference ppic_size (-ppsize).
The following values are allowed:

 Value Description Notes:
 0 Small Photo 
 1 Large Photo 
 2 Medium Photo 
 3 Square Photo Only in PPICS

If there is an error retrieving the photo(s) from the Facebook server, the pic_retry_count (-pr) will specify how many times FBCMD should attempt to reconnect.  Before trying to reconnect, FBCMD will wait pic_retry_delay (-prd) seconds.