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Tag Matching

Tag matching can be used in several places in FBCMD, including tagging in the STATUS command, from within any command that supports FLISTs, or in the GO command.

For example:
fbcmd status "is tagging with @tagtext"
fbcmd friends @tagtext
fbcmd go tagtext

Technically, the tagtext is a regular expression match, so the period (.) can be used to match any character, and is convenient to match spaces:
fbcmd status "is tagging with @multi.word.tag.text"

Tag Matching is always used to specify a single Friend, Page or Group.  If the tagtext matches more than one friend/page/group, it will fail.

For any given tagtext, FBCMD will attempt to match according to the status_tag_order.
If FBCMD cannot match in the first level, it will attempt to match at the second level, and so on. The default match order is:
  1. Start of friend usernames
  2. Start of friend names
  3. Start of page usernames
  4. Start of page names
  5. Partial match of friend names
  6. Partial match of page names
  7. Start of group names
  8. Partial match of group names