Known Bugs

This is a list of the known bugs.  If you want to report a new bug, check the Contribute page for more information

An unknown error occurred (out of memory) 

  • This is a Facebook API error... NOT a PHP memory error... This can happen if you have a large number of friends (>2000).  There is a potential workaround, but it will require a significant redesign of how FLISTS are handled.  Note: If this is happening and you have much less than 2000 friends, then please contact the author.

Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings.

  • This can happen if your PHP installation warning settings are high.  This will hopefully addressed in the next release.
  • To fix it for now, add a line: 
    at the top of your fbcmd.php file, where instead of 'Canada/Pacific', put in your timezone, as listed here.