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Old History

(this page is no longer updated... see the Version History page for more information.)

Version 1.0-beta5

Released: 2011.?.?
  • changed the app key from the old facebook style to the new OAuth style
  • added the commands: SHOWPERM

Version 1.0-beta4

Released: 2011.03.25
  • added the [datadir] syntax for files and removed savepref_include_files
  • added the sharepref (-share) preference to add a "Share" link to POST* commands

Version 1.0-beta3

Released: 2009.10.16
  • Added the new Update Utility
  • Significantly Modified the commands: HELPPOSTSTATUSVERSIONWALLPOST
  • Depricated the commands POSTIMG POSTMP3 POSTVID (now part of the POST command:  POST IMG, POST MP3, POST FLASH)
  • The prefix for FLIST usernames is now !... @ is now used to identify a single user as with STATUS tagging
  • Modified the Output of many (most commands) -- Added wrapping to the output (print_wrap, etc.)
  • Added numerous preferences (too many to list)
  • Renamed several perferences: hide_dup_rows -> print_clean, pic_mkdir -> auto_mkdir, pic_mkdir_mode -> mkdir_mode
  • Software is now hosted on github
  • Moved many of the files to the /facebook and /support directories in the distribution

Version 1.00beta2

Released: 2009.08.14

Version 1.00beta1

Released: 2009.07.27

Version 0.96

Released: 2009.03.10
  • Fixed a bug in the set_include_path() for unix
  • Fixed bug if returns are empty (thanks to Naail)
  • Enhanced the help on how to use parameters
  • Switched the fbcmd.php file to be in UNIX encoding
  • Include gpl.txt in distrubtion

Version 0.95

Released: 2009.02.19

Version 0.90

Released: 2008.10.17
  • Fixed the DISPLAY commands for the 'new' facebook
  • Replaced the FEED command with FEED1FEED2FEED3
  • Added the FONLINE command
  • Updated the facebook .php files & added the json .php files

Version 0.85

Released: 2008.05.23
    • Added the DISPLAY and DFILE commands

    Version 0.80

    Released: 2008.05.22
        • Changed the behaviour of FSTATUS
        • Added the RECENT command
        • Added the FLSTATUS command
        • Added the filelist.txt
        • Added the fbcmd.bat file
        • Improved the include path handling

        Version 0.78

        Released: 2008.05.22
        • Added the FRIENDS Command
        • Changed the behaviour of FSTATUSID

        Version 0.75

        Released: 2008.05.22

        Version 0.70

        Released: 2008.05.21
        • Initial BETA Release