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Customize Your Installation

There are several options for installing FBCMD:

Data Directory

  • By default, FBCMD will store your personal information (keys, preferences, history) in the following directory:
    c:\Users\USERNAME\fbcmd\ (Windows Vista, 7) or ~/.fbcmd/ (Mac/Linux)
  • That's fine for most users, but if you'd like to change that directory, you can set an environment variable FBCMD to point to wherever you like, including possibly the same directory you installed the software to.

Option 1: Update Utility Method

  • You need to obtain the latest version of fbcmd_update.php
  • These instructions are explained best on the main Installation page.

Option 2: Download .zip

  • Obtain the latest package from thDownloads page and place the files in the directory of your choosing.
    Make sure you preserve the directory structure in the zip.
  • Navigate to that directory and execute:
    php fbcmd_update.php script .
    to generate a fbcmd.bat (Windows) or fbcmd (Mac/Linux) file for you and set up your data directory

Option 3: Use git to clone the project

  • Navigate to the directory above the directory you'd like to install to:
  • Execute the command:
    git clone git://
    (if you're familiar with git you might want to use more switches to customize your settings, etc.)
  • Execute the same commands as in Option 2.


  • If you installed FBCMD with the recommended methods and default settings, it should automatically be in your path.
  • If you do need to modify your PATH, check out the How To page.