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special thanks to some past contributors: (arranged alphabetically)
  • Clint CJL recommend allowing \n (line breaks) to be included in parameters 
  • Nate Benes helped clear up ubuntu installation issues
  • Naail AbdulRahman has suggested numerous changes and has inspired the use of =bday in flists.
  • Petri Airio inspired the use of keyword 'new' in the count parameter of *STREAM commands.
  • Jørn Arild Andenæs suggested and implemented some good GROUP functions.
  • Josiah Boning made excellent suggestions re: RegEx matching that inspired the way flists work now.
  • Mathias Dahl helped diagnose some bash script parameter issues.
  • Jim Downie made suggestions that have been incorporated into the HELP command.
  • Jeff Foster has been very helpful on the message board and diagnosing problems.
  • Brandon Fu helped diagnose some PHP configuration issues.
  • Andrew Gallant inspired the ADDPERM command.
  • Nate Gray made some tips on using fbcmd on MACs.
  • Rustam Ismail fixed a bug with the =bday FLIST
  • Massimiliano Leone has created a bash utility.
  • Dana Lopes inspired the RESTATUS command.
  • Dan Lyke diagnosed issues running fbcmd in cron jobs.
  • Phillip M made suggestsions that led to the FONLINE command.
  • Suresh Pillai suggested the LOADNOTE command.
  • David Robins found a bug in the unix set_include_path().
  • Tyler Rusk has been working on install/remove scripts for Ubuntu here.
  • Chris Thachuk has been very helpful working with github and Mac OS X, and inspired the GO command.
The Primary Developer of FBCMD is Dave Tompkins.