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Show stream stories (with optional filter)


 1 (optional) Filter Stream Filter. This can be in several forms:
  • A special value of 0 will be the default stream filter
  • A number greater than 0 indicates the RANK of the filter to use, as shown in SFILTERS (for example, 3 will use the 3rd filter)
  • The filter KEY name, as shown in SFILTERS (for example, "nf" or "pp" or "fl_1234567890")
  • The (partial) Name of the filter, prefixed by a '#' (for example, "#family" or "#work")
 2 (optional) count Number of Posts. The 'count' most recent posts will be displayed.  The count can be a special keyword of 'new', which will only return stories posted since the last successful *STREAM command.

See the syntax page and the parameter defaults page for information on setting your default parameters.


The stream stories. The stories are numbered, and those numbers can be used with the COMMENT and LIKE commands.


  • The prefix_filter can specify an alternative character to # for matching filter names
See the *STREAM preferences page for preferences that apply to all *STREAM commands.
See the general preferences page for a list of preferences that apply to all (or most) commands.


  • If the [count] is not reached, it's because facebook may have some internal limits on fetching posts (currently undocumented)


Show the most recent posts from Pages:
fbcmd STREAM pp

Show last 10 posts in the stream:
fbcmd STREAM 1 10
(time elapses....)
Show me any new posts in the stream
fbcmd FSTREAM 1 new