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Set your status (or display current status if no parameter)


 1 (optional) Text Status Message.  You may want to use an action verb such as "is" or "likes" or "wants".  If you insert an http:// address, facebook will turn it into a link. You can also tag friends, pages or groups by using the @ symbol (see below).

See the syntax page and the parameter defaults page for information on setting your default parameters.


If no parameter is specified, it will output your current status


See the general preferences page for a list of preferences that apply to all (or most) commands.

Tagging in Status messages

If you'd like to tag a friend, page or group in a status message you can use the syntax:
fbcmd status "is tagging with @matchtext in this message"
for more explanations on how @matchtest will be matched, see the tag matching page.

if you'd like to match something with a space, use the period(.):
fbcmd status "is tagging his friend @bob.smith in this message"

If you do not want to tag in a status message, use two @@ symbols:
fbcmd status "does not want to @@tag this message"

Note: Tagging is not *fully* supported yet from applications: If you tag Bob Smith, it will link to him, but it won't appear on Bob Smith's Wall (yet)


fbcmd status "is very happy with fbcmd"

fbcmd status "likes this website:"

fbcmd status "is tagging his friend @bob.smith"