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Post (share) a story, image, mp3 or flash in your stream.



 1 (required) Text Post Message. The Message Text appears just like a status update, so you can add an action verb.  For example "is loving this POST command". (see below)
 2 (optional) Text Post Name. If a Link is present, then the Name field becomes a link to that URL. (see below)
 3 (optional) URL Post Link.  An optional URL that turns the Name field into a link. (see below)
 4 (optional) Text Post Caption. The Caption appears below the Name. (see below)
 5 (optional) Text Post Description. The Description appears below the Caption. (see below)


 1 (required) Text Post Message.
 2 (required) Image URL Image Source.  This is a URL that points to the image you want to share.
 3 (required) URL Image Link. This is the URL that will be visited if you click on the image.  If this is set to 0, then the link will just point to the source image.  Note that this can be different than the Post Link.
 4..7  Post Name, Link, Caption, Description (see 2..5 above)


 1 (required) Text Post Message.
 2 (required) MP3 URL Song Source.  This is a URL that points to the mp3 you want to share.
 3 (optional) Text Song Title.
 4 (optional) Text Song Artist.
 5 (optional) Text Song Album.
 6..9  Post Name, Link, Caption, Description (see 2..5 above)


 1 (required) Text Post Message.
 2 (required) Video URL Video Source.  This is a URL that points to the FLASH (video) you want to share.  Note that you want to point to the actual video source, not the html page hosting the video. (see Note below)
 3 (required) Image URL Preview Image Source. This is a link to an image URL that will be used to preview your video.
 4..7 Text Post Name, Link, Caption, Description (see 2..5 above)

See the syntax page and the parameter defaults page for information on setting your default parameters.


The following sample post will help illustrate how all these fields are being used:





See the general preferences page for a list of preferences that apply to all (or most) commands.


  • If only the message is provided, and all other fields are blank, then this is equivalent to a status update.
  • If any of the other fields are present, it will not update your status.
  • Technically, The (Name, Link, Caption, Description) are all an attachment to your message.
  • POST MP3
    • The MP3 Attachment Information (Name/Link/Caption/Description) is less useful with POST MP3, but is still used by Facebook
    • As mentioned, you want to point to the source of the video, not the html page.  For example on YouTube: 
      • Link to:
      • Do NOT link to:
    • Using the previous YouTube example, a preview image can be found at:
    • The Preview Image will be resized for your story.
  • The POST command can be used in a similar manner to the FEEDLINK command:
  • POST requires extended PUBLISH permissions: click (here) to grant fbcmd the PUBLISH permissions


This will update your status:
fbcmd POST "is changing his status with the POST command"

If you want to post a simple story but not have it update your status, provide a description:
fbcmd POST "is bored" 0 0 0 "But I'm not bored enough to update my status"

This is a way of sharing a link:
fbcmd POST "thinks this link is awesome" "Check out this link!" ""

You can post an image
fbcmd POST IMG "check out this photo!" "" 

You can post an image without a message or image link:
fbcmd POST IMG 0 "" 0

You can post an MP3
fbcmd POST MP3 "loves this song" "" "Song Title" "Song Artist" "Song Album"

You can post a FLASH
fbcmd POST FLASH "is sharing the evolution of dance" "" ""