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Launches a web browser for the given destination.


 1 (optional) Destination Destination.  Can be one of many keywords, or a friend's name.  See below.
 2 (optional) Number ID for destination.

See the syntax page and the parameter defaults page for information on setting your default parameters.


Launches a Web Browser


The following Preferences apply to this command:
See the general preferences page for a list of preferences that apply to all (or most) commands.


If you specify GO with no parameters, it will list all of the available GO commands
fbcmd go

There are three basic types of GO commands:

(1) Simple web sites:
fbcmd go faq
fbcmd go inbox

(2) Cached IDs from previous commands:
fbcmd albums
fbcmd go album 3

fbcmd events
fbcmd go event 3

fbcmd inbox
fbcmd go msg 3

fbcmd notices
fbcmd go notice 3

fbcmd stream
fbcmd go post 3
fbcmd go link 3

(3) A User / Page / Group Name.
Note: this uses the same syntax as tagging in the STATUS command
fbcmd go bob.smith
fbcmd go theonion