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Upload (add) a photo to an album


 1 (required) filename Photo File.  See Notes below for supported file formats.
 2 (optional) album_id Album ID.  You can specify the album # from the last ALBUMS command or the full album_id.  The value of "latest" will correspond to your most recently created album.  A value of null (initial FBCMD default) will add the photo to an album titled "Command Line Photos".
 3 (optional) Text Photo Caption.

See the syntax page and the parameter defaults page for information on setting your default parameters.


The command will display the newly created photo_id.


The following Preferences apply to this command:
See the general preferences page for a list of preferences that apply to all (or most) commands.


  • Unless you grant FBCMD the permission to PUBLISH on your behalf, your pictures will go into a pending status to be approved.  To avoid this step, grant FBCMD the PUBLISH permission by clicking (here)
  • You can upload non .jpg files but it appears that facebook may convert them to JPG.  Supported file formats: (GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, JP2, IFF, WBMP, XBM) (source)
  • Facebook will resize of large .jpg files to have a maximum dimension of 604 pixels (source)


fbcmd ADDPIC myfile.jpg latest "This is me at the airport"

fbcmd ADDPIC myfile.png 1234567890